A Home For SoSu

An outdoor mall bustling with business and brand names just got a little more creative. The South Suburban Artist Collective — or SoSu for short — is a group of seven ambitious creators opened their workshop in the Streets of South Glenn in early August. 

Muy Bueno Kitchen

My recipes are so nostalgic for me. I’ve always been addicted to my history, culture and where I come from.

Staging For Success

 Tips for Staging:  — Remove all clutter, personal photos, knickknacks and other junk. Cleaning out the clutter just creates so much space, and that’s what people are looking for – space. Doing this will make your home seem bigger and brighter.  — Make the best use of natural light. Make sure the home is making the best use of any sunlight…

Lighter and Brighter

 Article Jami Vigil | Photography Madeleine Costa  With accolades that include an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show, one might think that interior designer Tonya Orlando would seem like she’s aways in a hurry. If she is, its completely undetectable. In person she is as inviting as the spaces she designs.   “I truly believe it all starts home,” Orlando…

Feminine Features

 Article Jodi Michael Horner | Photography Chayce Lanphear  The interior of the Westridge abode in Highlands Ranch was getting "really masculine," according to designer Trish Bonney. “I kept saying (to the wife) we have to put you in here, make it more feminine!”  

Virtual Wonderland

Readers of a certain age will remember watching the cartoon classic The Jetsons, which aptly predicted the advent of in-home technologies like personal robots, talking alarm clocks, flat screen TVs and personal tanning beds. 

Sweet Glamour

She's a little bit country, he's a little but rock-n-roll—and everything in between.


Award-winning design, functionality and an urban vibe unite at Bellwether Place in RidgeGate of Lone Tree. Built through a partnership between Berkeley Homes and Harvard Communities, and designed by Godden|Sudik Architects and Trio Environments interior design, the 18-home community recently won three MAME awards and two silver National awards, including one for design. 

Grandkids and Granddogs Welcome

 THE CONSUMMATE HOSTS  As a couple, David and Rena Michael have been cultivating their hosting skills for nearly five decades. When it comes to hosting for the holidays, whether it’s “just family” or for large parties, Rena summarizes the secret to success in one word, “Planning!” she declares.  “I take the time to decide who should sit where, which serving dishes I’ll be…

Go Big and Stay Home

Sometimes you just have to go all-out when remodeling—that goes for indoors and outdoors. When Mike and Theresa Garland decided to replace their 10-year-old deck they did just that—and constructed a living space that fits the needs their current active lifestyle with two young boys as well as the inevitable whirlwind as the children grow.

There’s No Place Like Home

Come summertime, Coloradans aren’t just living for the outdoors, they’re living in it. But for those of us living at 5,280, there’s just one tiny problem, and it goes by the name of traffic… Luckily, Four Elements Landscape & Outdoor Living excels in merging the best of both worlds right in your backyard. What started as a small family-owned business…

A Fresh Perspective

In a neighborhood development, it’s common for each home to look quite a bit like its next-door neighbor. That’s why the thoughtful personal touches make such a big statement at 3921 Timeless Drive in Castle Rock. “There are a lot of homes nearby that are of like quality, but the previous owners did a really fantastic job executing some of…

Contemporary Neutral

Amy Ehmann is a graphic designer by trade, whose talented work can be seen all over Minted.com. She recently invited us into her home where we learn that her passion for design takes a new form through her newly remodeled kitchen. Take a seat and learn a thing or two from Amy’s tips on how she brought her modern farmhouse…

Top of the World

he wildlife we’ve seen includes dear, elk, wild turkey, fox, bear and mountain lion,” says the current homeowner of 7225 Box Canyon in Sedalia, who’s had the pleasure of living above it all - yet close in - for 13 1/2 years. “We purchased the home in 2003 and have enjoyed an amazing lifestyle, hiking the half-mile trail through the…

Outstanding Outdoor Living

What happens when the president of a landscaping company decides it’s time to redesign his own yard? Well, he pulls out all the stops, of course! President and owner of Elite Landscape & Outdoor Living Peter Van went all out with his whole yard makeover.

Old World Turned New

reativity can be hindered by two situations: a completely blank canvas with no limitations or a strict set of instructions to follow. With the home on Michener Way, the Design 571 team was granted the perfect mix of a blank slate and useful guidelines. While there was plenty of space to stretch their creativity, the home’s existing design elements meant…