Seeing Life Differently

To see Arabella running about her living room in her home, you might not know that she has Hermansky-Pudliak Syndrome (HPS), which is a rare disorder that affects1 in 500,000 to 1,000,000 worldwide. It is a condition that not only affects the light coloring of the skin and hair, it also limits the vision of the one who has this…

Juicy Burgers & Dogs

 Article Jami Vigil | Photography Raemi Vermiglio  THE FOOD  Just off Yosemite Street, Juicy Burgers & Dogs is seemingly nondescript—until you walk into the throwback restaurant and experience what many have declared the best hamburger and/or hotdog they have tasted—ever.

Abloom in Winter

When Maxine and Adam Alcott opened their first floral business in 1986, a small studio west of Santa Fe Drive that specialized in events and hotel decor, Highlands Ranch as a community was just getting going. "We were watching Highlands Ranch grow up around us, and it seemed like a natural move to open a retail store right there, in…

Block Party

Forget the Miracle Mile. We've found the Miracle Block - or two - on Main Street in Historic Downtown Littleton. With unique finds of all kinds, you can revel in retail while keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum. 

Labor of Love

If you can’t find the perfect table to fit into that awkward corner of your living room or the bookshelf you’ve been dreaming of to organize your library, The Whistling Duck Furniture, with locations in Highlands Ranch and downtown Denver, is the place to go. Their slogan, “Crafted by Hand - Crafted for Friends,” perfectly encapsulates their mission - to…

I Can See Clearly Now

Imagine the freedom of going throughout your day without needing glasses or contact lenses, without laser surgery. An innovative and remarkable specialty contact lens can correct your vision while you sleep. The technology, known as Ortho-Eyes at HD Eye Care, is succinctly described as “contact lens retainers” by Dr. Lawrence Jacobs, the founder and owner of HD Eye Care.

Outlaw Yoga

If you’ve strolled down Main Street in downtown Littleton lately, you’ve likely noticed the eye-catching Outlaw Yoga sign on Main and Curtice and wondered what it’s all about. “It’s a technically simple, physically challenging, contemporary yoga community, whose first priorities are connection and service,” says Outlaw Yoga Creator and Co-Founder Justin Kaliszewski. “We’re rebelling by being more kind to people.”

Brand New You

When the season changes, so should your hair and skin regimen. “Just like you switch up your wardrobe [with] the seasons, you should also be rotating your products to protect your complexion against the elements,” says beauty writer Marianne Mychaskiw.


Latte art isn’t a term found in art books or history papers, but the science is easy: Combine crema, which is the emulsion of coffee oil and brewed coffee, and the microfoam, which is the air in milk, to create two liquids that don’t mix. Add one creative barista and you’ll find art.

What Makes Scents

hen Holly Hamilton planned her wedding three years ago, she had an idea to repurpose all the containers used in her rustic ceremony but wasn’t quite sure how. It was Hamilton’s daughter who suggested she learn how to make candles as a hobby. Instead of throwing away the containers, she made a profit selling candles to friends and family. It…