All You Need is Love—and Art

February is our month of art—making, collecting, admiring and learning. We love art because it gives us a glimpse of someone’s heart, the part of them we don’t see on the surface. We are all drawn to art in different ways. We like to look at and listen to art that makes us feel something, … Continued

Be Your Best Self in 2020

Five, Four, Three, Two, One! As we begin 2020, a new decade, we set goals for what we want our future selves to be like and look like. We take a glance back at where we have been and what we have done, and we try to remember to extend ourselves grace. January is a … Continued

Through the Eyes of a Child

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. And time sure has flown by this year as we can’t believe we’ve put together the fifth issue of Highlands Ranch Lifestyle after relaunching in August! It seems like just yesterday we were talking about resolutions and renewal for 2019 and yet, here we are, almost time … Continued


“I am grateful that my horizons were not narrowed at the outset.” —Jessye Norman As November rolls around, we’re eagerly awaiting the approach of Thanksgiving, the holiday season and time spent with our loved ones. The winding down of the year always brings about a time of reflection for us—remembering everything we’ve done or accomplished in … Continued

Food, Glorious Food

Are you hungry, Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree? We’re sure you will be when you read—or should we say devour—this issue, the most drool-worthy one of the year: the Foodie issue! We spent the last few months scouring the streets in search of the most delicious bites both near and far, and we found more … Continued

Elevated Style

In the magazine world, the September issue is the most anticipated arrival of the year. It’s the unofficial first look at this season’s fashion trends and predictions for the upcoming year. It’s the issue fashionistas can’t wait to get their hands on. So it is with much excitement that we present you, dear reader, with … Continued

We’re Back and Here to Stay

Hello, and welcome to the much-anticipated relaunch issue of Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree Lifestyle—where we’re inspired by community, and hope this magazine inspires you too! We’re thrilled to be your source for all things local and luxurious here in Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree. As you flip through these pages, you’ll be drawn into the incredible stories … Continued

Worth the Wait

All in good time. How many times have we heard that and been not just a little frustrated? We don’t want to wait! In this fast-past world of ours it seems like we have to wait for everything: Our computer Our flight Our kids/spouse The boss The Thanksgiving turkey… Seems like nothing happens as quickly … Continued

Alternate Identities

October—when the younger set gets to binge on candy after trying out a new “identity,” be it a super hero or horror creature. And it’s not just the littles—seems like lots of folks like to try out an alter ego this time of year (could this be one reason for the popularity of cosplay?) But forming our “identity” … Continued

Time Travellers

September has always been one of my very favorite months—I can’t resist the excitement of transition. Admittedly, the impending cold temperatures are not my personal fave (although my husband the ski fanatic can’t wait!) Instead of high-octane skiing, I’ve found that fashion is my vehicle to keep my spirits up through the cold months and winter doldrums. Naturally, our September … Continued

Everybody Cut Loose!

One of my favorite parts of being an editor is attending the photo shoots. This month’s issue provided some adventure as we worked with dogs! And although trying to persuade dogs to look on cue is challenging, our models, true to form, were as persevering and compliant as the loyal companions they’re famous for being. Given the company, … Continued

My Fellow Americans…

As we assembled the stories for our July issue, one word that kept coming up was “gratitude.” A quick turn of the pages and it’s easy to see how blessed we are—all of us—to live in the area we do, with all its offerings and opportunities (take a quick pass over the Calendar of Events and … Continued

Making it Look Easy

The five men arrived at Elk Ridge Park in Castle Pines one after the other on a warm and sunny May morning. We greeted and formally introduced ourselves, then got right down to the business at hand: a photoshoot for this month’s main feature.   During the course of the shoot, I found myself grappling … Continued

Mothers, Mentors and Master Beds

May is an amalgam to me: part spring, part summer, part beginning—with more social gatherings and weddings on the horizon, and part ending—with school careers and graduations to attend. Despite its inherent momentum, it’s also a month for a bit of reflection with Mother’s Day, our chance to celebrate our own mothers and the women … Continued

The Bimmers and the Bees

I was seven years old when I was introduced to the notion of "going green" (we didn't call it that in the 70's, but I digress.) I remember crushing aluminum cans with my dad on the asphalt of our driveway. When you're seven, the world and its resources seem endless, so it didn't really occur to me that the primary objective in recycling…

Doin’ the Spring Thing

What is it about the first hints of spring that make us want to throw open the windows and paint the walls?

Maker’s Mark: Why Handmade Matters

“Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” —Chuck Klosterman

Making exercise fun again

Working out can get boring. No matter how killer the music is that’s playing in your headphones... and despite the 16 TVs you’re watching at once while thumping out another 30-minute treadmill session, the reward is often found in the thrill of being done.

December 2017 Lifestyle Letter

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Pulling out the decor? Sending the annual holiday cards? Making those once-a-year family recipes?

November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

The word gratitude comes up a lot these days, especially in yoga class. I’ll admit I used to hear the yoga instructor talk about gratitude as an “intention,” and I’d immediately think, “Oh yes, I need to be grateful today!” Cross-legged on my mat, I’d send a quick but sincere prayer of thanks out into the universe.

Feeling Good, Being Well

It seems everywhere we turn we hear about wellness, but what does it really mean? A current study underway at the Stanford Prevention Research Center is setting out to learn just that.


Now more than ever, our personal style tells people who we are — our political persuasion, our social status, our religious belief, which “tribe” we belong to. We might wish it weren’t so, but according to acclaimed designer Miuccia Prada, “when you get dressed you are making public your idea about yourself. Clothes are powerful signifiers.

Dogs and Brews, no 
Back-to-School Blues

August in Colorado is a funny thing. It’s dead in the middle of summer (summer doesn't end till September 22), yet we find ourselves getting the kids back to school and refocusing on work obligations that in other parts of the country are left to the post-Labor-Day realm.

July 2017 Lifestyle Letter

If I had a dime for every time I heard the expression, "Work hard, play hard," well, I'd have a lot of dimes. Whatever happened to making work and play fit seamlessly into our lives, instead of turning them into life-or-death pursuits in which one endeavor rescues us from the perils of the other? 

Sure, there’s a certain hardcore, risk-taking…

Men of Substance

It’s June and the perfect time to say thank you to all the men in our lives. Dads, husbands, brothers, sons, best friends. While I ponder the men in my life who have meant so much, I’m feeling particularly sentimental about my friend and mentor Stuart, whom I met some 20-plus years ago on a Washington D.C. metro bus that…

It’s a good time to be a girl.  

And I know this because my daughters don’t label themselves “feminists.” Why don’t they take up the mantle? I used to ask myself. Don’t they understand that women have only had the right to vote for 98 years? Isn’t it appalling that the U.S. percentage of female elected officials of 19.4% is almost 4 points below the world average of…

Spring into April

And goodbye to the winter that practically wasn’t! While April weather in Colorado can be unpredictable, it finally feels safe to put away the winter clothes and start making plans for road trips, outdoor meals and plenty of sunshine.

March 2017 Lifestyle Letter

I read once that a cat makes a house a home. While I do have a cat that pretty much never leaves the house, I’m just not willing to give her that much credit. It feels cheesy and cliched to say it’s a family that makes a house a home but, for me, “home” is felt in those corners of…

February 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Welcome to February in the Ranch, a month of love, romance and Arts & Culture! While your special someone might be the same year after year, the thriving Arts & Culture scene in and around Highlands Ranch is definitely “mixing it up.” The Lifestyle team had so much fun exploring the thriving cultural scene around town, and we were struck…

Happy New Year!

Key word new. 2017 is here with all its possibilities and - based on the recent history of 2016 - plenty of surprises to be sure! What will the New Year bring for you and yours?

Gifts Given, 
and Received

Each year, Lifestyle Publications starts holiday shopping early -- scouting local boutiques, artisans and stores for gift ideas to help simplify your life during this busy season. This year was no different!

November 2016 Lifestyle Letter

The days are getting shorter, but the opportunities for enjoying the end-of-fall-pre-holiday season abound! Whether you’re focused on celebrating November with friends and family, or dusting off the skis in anticipation of Colorado’s real sports season, you’ll want to read on.

This is not your grandma’s Health 
& Fitness issue.

Welcome to beautiful October and our Health & Fitness issue! No offense to all the hip-and-fit grandmas out there, but if I had a nickel for every fitness-trend-diet-craze article I’ve read in my life, well, I’d have a lot of nickels. This isn't that: I was amazed by how much I learned this month as we looked closely at what…

Welcome to September and a New Season of Style!

September in Colorado might be full of hot, Indian Summer days, but it's hard to resist the urge to snap up the fun fall trends popping up in stores and online. For me, fall fashion has always been about self-expression, from grade-school days when choosing the perfect “first-day outfit" had the power to make or break your whole year, to…

Dog Days Ahead

“Dog Days of Summer” is our theme this month, and — big surprise to me — the term itself doesn’t have anything to do with dogs lying around in the heat, too stifled to move. It does refer to this increasingly hot spell between July and late August, but the ancient Greeks called them the “Dog Days” because they coincide…

…And the Living 
is Easy

Summer, like it does for many kids, smelled like chlorine and tasted like soft serve ice cream (vanilla and chocolate swirled; we could never choose). It sounded like lifeguard whistles and chalk scraping the sidewalk. It felt exhilarating and exhausting – at the same time. It was white, like the cloudless sky closest to the sun, and it went on…

The Man-azine

June has long been devoted to dudes—it's National Men's Health Month, it's open season for mountain men, and, of course, it houses that all-important holiday for dads. So, we decided to make our June issue a bit more testosterone-tinged than usual. My biggest surprise? It's not that different.

Hello Spring

May has always been my favorite month. This is because of a combination of things: it’s one of the most important people in my life’s birthday (my grandma), the weather is among the best we get all year and it tempts us with all the incredible possibilities of summer. May is pretty much the gateway to everything fun and good.

Welcome Home

“Where are you from?” isn’t an easy question for me. Since I was born on the East Coast, raised in South Dakota, moved to Minnesota for journalism school—where my family now resides—and started my career in New York City, I like to think I was sculpted from each of these places before arriving in Denver last summer.

April 2016 Lifestyle Letter

So here’s the thing. I actually really like the suburbs. The cool kids may live in Highlands or RiNo or whatever the trendy abbreviation is this month, but I’ll take my slower-paced, kid-filled, more-grass-than-asphalt neighborhood any day. And it’s not just about having a bigger house or better schools or a safer place to live; suburbia can provide the kind…