Floating into the New Year

Wendy Skaalerud is the owner of Inngi Float Spa in Highlands Ranch, along with her husband, Erik. They also own Capital Lending Solutions. Wendy and Erik were co-owners and operating mangers of seven Orangetheory Fitness studios in the Colorado region. She participates in multiple philanthropic ventures including her own Give Well Foundation.

Shelter from the Storm

Zack took his oath to serve our community very seriously. It wasn’t just some cliche or box to check to him. He felt and lived it with every fiber of his being. I firmly believe that I’m called to pick up the torch Zack carried and continue my husband’s legacy by serving those who were like him—like us. 

Bringing Compassion into Focus

 Service First  "My path to photography was really different than most," says Army veteran Brian Johnson of Brian Johnson Photo. "When I went to war, I took a couple of blasts from IEDs. I don't have much memory prior to 2005. I have images but not much recollection. Photos allow me to say, 'Yes, I was there.' I live vicariously through…

Green, GO!

Whether it's a jaunt downtown or a journey abroad, join the travel savvy elite by toting eco-friendly gear.

A Show of Tradition

It’s finally here--the biggest, baddest, reddest, greenest, sparkliest holiday of all!

Making Your Way to 10K

1 Build your mileage - The biggest challenge of running is to actually start running! At first, running won’t be fun and your body will rebel. But I promise, it’s all about consistency. Make sure you’re running 2-3 days a week so your body and muscles can build up strength and endurance. Remember—it’s not about volume, it’s about making it…

That’s A Wrap

Like most things in life, presentation is key. Of course gift wrapping falls under this rule. Here's our 6-step life hack to wrapping like a professional. So say goodbye to amateur presents plagued with gift wrap gap or crumpled corners, and say hello to perfection.

Cozy Fall Picnics

Once upon a time, the word “picnic” conjured visions of hot summer days, cold sandwiches and bugs. But with Colorado’s most brilliant season upon us, we’re celebrating autumn picnics with the most perfect sun of the year, leaves bursting with color and the alluring combination of plaid, wicker and wine.

Mind Over Meningioma

Liz Holzemer is an author, writer, speaker and survivor of a baseball-size brain tumor know as a meningioma.Given the scary diagnosis by her doctor when she was 32 years old, Liz called on her already-quirky sense of humor to brave the journey back to recovery and write her award-winning book, “Curveball: When Life Throws You A Brain Tumor.” Liz shares…

Precious Mettle

Carrie Schafer, owner and founder of Original Hardware, a Colorado-based jewelry company, began her journey into jewelry making on a whim. While working as a global team manager for a software company, Carrie found herself wandering into a nearby bead store, looking for a creative outlet to relieve some of the stress of her job. On a wintry afternoon, Carrie…

Call Me Old Fashioned

Bar carts are back and better than ever. As part of a new series of styled bar carts, we paired up with Boulder Creative Collective to create a cart fit for a gentleman.

Bare Root Floral’s Spring Floral DIY Centerpiece

Spring offers such an incredible bounty of beautiful flowers that we couldn’t resist the opportunity to gather together some of our favorites to create a lush spring centerpiece perfect for the many gatherings that happen at this time of year: showers, graduation parties, bridal teas and other special occasions!

Me Lichen

Care, Light and Temperature: 
Air plants need indirect sunlight and warm temperatures, as they are native to the Southern US, and Central and South America. Air plants thrive at temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees F, so here in Colorado, keep them indoors.