Human Library Event

Douglas County Libraries is thrilled to bring the popular Human Library back to its Castle Rock location in 2020 and is currently recruiting new “human books” for the event. 

DCL is seeking community members who have personal stories to tell and who would like to connect with their neighbors through an afternoon of brief in-person conversations focused around specific life experiences. 

“The library is providing this forum for members of our increasingly diverse community to interact through open and respectful dialogue in a safe, comfortable setting,” says DCL’s Adult Literacy Specialist Tiffany Curtin.

To apply as a “human book,” visit Applications are due by Nov. 30. The Human Library event will take place Feb. 29, 2020. | 303.688.7646

Mansion Restores Leaded Glass

A 128-year-old mansion that spans 27,000 square feet requires ongoing repairs and special attention to detail. Recently, the antique leaded glass in the Mansion’s front door received expert care from an artist with family ties to the historic property.

Stained glass painter Marie Foucault-Phipps, who worked on this project, was married to Lawrence Phipps III, son of Lawrence Phipps, Jr., the owner of the mansion 1937-1976. She was married to Phipps III until he passed away in 2016.

“The glass on the main door experienced lead fatigue. A support bar had fallen and with no support and frequent slamming of the door, pieces of glass had broken and some were ready to fall. It needed complete re-leading,” Marie says.

“All the Mansion’s stained glass have very unusual designs,” Marie says. “It was a challenge to glaze due to the complexity of the design and the stiffness of the lead.”

Visitors can see the repaired glass in the front door during trips to the Mansion. View open hours at

Reprinted by permission from the Highlands Ranch Metro District

HRCA Cotillion

The Highlands Ranch Community Association Cotillion program starts another season. The HRCA Cotillion is a social education program that is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience during a five-year period. Educators, psychologists and doctors agree that social skills and emotional health are incredibly important in a well-adjusted child’s development.

New Cotillion classes start Oct. 27 for children in ranging in grades third through eighth. For more information and to sign up, go to