All in good time.

How many times have we heard that and been not just a little frustrated? We don’t want to wait! In this fast-past world of ours it seems like we have to wait for everything:

  • Our computer
  • Our flight
  • Our kids/spouse
  • The boss
  • The Thanksgiving turkey…

Seems like nothing happens as quickly as we humans wish it would. But perhaps that is a good thing. In this season of giving thanks (and soon, gifts), waiting may just be an integral part of it all. We wait for our loved ones to arrive from faraway places, making the reunion even sweeter. Many of the things for which we are thankful were built or accumulated over time, so in a sense, we waited for them. We wait all year for the long vacation breaks that come with the holidays, hard-earned time off that culminates into a beautiful season. 

I’m probably feeling especially pensive with changes in my own life—the patience required in waiting (no matter how hard I try to get things to move faster!) seems like a lesson I’m having to learn all over again. I’m reminding myself that nothing happens when I want it to, but when God says it’s time. 

So a toast to tenacity, perseverance, and the good things that come to those who wait. One way or the other, it’s always worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, my Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree neighbors.

Jodi M. Horner, Publisher