October is an awesome time to ride. Get out there and finish the season strong!

Badlands Basher

8.5 miles / Singletrack 



With so many options in the Highlands Point Trail System, you can mix and match trails to make a new ride every time you go out. We like taking the full circuit for moderate climbs, mild technical stretches and fantastic views.  

Take Grigs Road south to the Douglas County Regional Trail parking lot. Head west on the East/West Regional Trail until you come to the Buck Snort trailhead on the left. Jump off here, and stay left for the next 6.5 miles, following Tenderfoot to Badlands, for some long speedy sections of clean singletrack. 

As you circle the west side of the circuit, catch Outlaw trail for some tighter turns and more technical sections, again staying left at every chance. After some tight zig zags you’ll land on Longhorn Ledge. Add a short extension to Beeman Point for a panoramic view. And let it rip down Longhorn back to Buck Snort and out.  

With the cooler weather and gorgeous change in colors, October is an awesome time to ride. Get out and remind yourself why you live in Highlands Ranch.