October—when the younger set gets to binge on candy after trying out a new “identity,” be it a super hero or horror creature. And it’s not just the littles—seems like lots of folks like to try out an alter ego this time of year (could this be one reason for the popularity of cosplay?)

But forming our “identity” can be a lifelong process (who hasn’t heard that Grandma Moses found her identity as an artist in her late 70’s!)

Here’s a lesser known secret: I was Mrs. Highlands Ranch 2013. I’d never exactly been a “beauty queen,” but I gave it my all (see photo—taken on LODO’s balcony!). I didn’t win the Mrs. Colorado America pageant, but there were things I’d learned in that process that led me to throw myself into becoming a freelance writer, which led me to becoming an editor. I realized that once you experience rejection and survive, you find you don’t actually have that much to lose—except to risk never trying—and through experimenting with one identity (pageantry) I found my way to another (writer and now, publisher.) It’s all a journey, right? 

So welcome autumn, with its Harvest parties, Halloween stories and caramel apples. And don’t forget to welcome an opportunity to try on something new for a change—if not for awhile. 



Jodi M. Horner, Publisher

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