September has always been one of my very favorite months—I can’t resist the excitement of transition. Admittedly, the impending cold temperatures are not my personal fave (although my husband the ski fanatic can’t wait!) Instead of high-octane skiing, I’ve found that fashion is my vehicle to keep my spirits up through the cold months and winter doldrums.

Naturally, our September issue is dedicated to fashion. Our main feature has eight dedicated pages to this season’s hottest styles in Rev it Up ( p. __ ), with two local boutiques providing a glimpse of what is au courant. You’ll find this season’s brightly colored creations for those who like a little zing to their look and plenty of classic trends to accommodate the more orthodox among us.

I happen to believe that one reason style exists is to mark the passage of time (don’t get me wrong, there are the obvious marketeers’ motives behind it, too! The Devil Wears Prada, anyone?) But seeing ourselves in styles from even just five years ago can remind us of how much we have changed and how far we have come, whether we’re fifteen or fifty.

Whatever your age or personal style, we hope you will join us in embracing September and its glorious colors, enjoy the opportunities for change, and definitely get out there and try on some fabulous fall fashion!



Jodi Michael Horner, Editor



ON THE COVER: Karmin Berensten, owner of A Line Boutiques
PHOTOGRAPHY by Gina Khrestsov