Local Artist Brenda Gaughan Translates Life into Brilliant Artwork

Growing up listening to the classical music of Tchaikovsky and jazz greats like Miles Davis, Brenda Gaughan never dreamed she would be applying the harmonic moods fostered by those influences into her craft as an impressionist artist. “Music is the quintessential component driving the direction of each piece,” Gaughan shares. “I always have to have music playing while I am painting…if my Pandora isn’t working I throw up my arms and go home!” she laughs, recalling the times it has actually happened.

Her art space, endearingly named Studio 306 for its cross-street number in Castle Rock, is a stone’s throw from her family in case she is needed at a moment’s notice. In fact, it is because of the increasing demands of motherhood that Gaughan sought an outlet for her own emotional expression. She turned to an earlier life’s interest: painting. Only this time—instead of the landscapes she’d experimented with in her twenties—Gaughan released her internalized emotions upon a cotton canvas with oils that morphed into abstract impressionism. “I’d call it ‘Mid-impressionism,’” she qualifies, defining her personal genre of art.

Just as brushstrokes can convey the emotion of what the artist was feeling while painting them, Gaughan admits that her brushstrokes also convey what kind of music she was listening to while painting them. “Every work reflects what I was feeling in that moment and the music I was hearing…each work even has its own theme song in a way,” Gaughan explains. “If I could, I’d have a gallery in the future where when someone is viewing one of my pieces, they could press a button next to it and the song that was playing at its inception would play!” she describes, painting a clever visual to accompany her beautiful masterpieces.

Gaughan enables the public to see her creations in progress by keeping herself available in this Castle Rock art space she and a friend share. “It’s not really a gallery as much as it is a live studio,” she says with a smile, “I love that people can just come in and watch me paint, ask questions about the art. A lot of the time someone asks me if they can buy the piece I am working on when it’s finished because they already love what is on the canvas!” she exclaims with humble delight in her voice. When browsing through her website, the evidence speaks for itself: the word “sold” is listed under each work.

Gaughan admits that the past 18 months have been particularly busy with work—everything she paints these days is snapped up before it’s even completed, or else people commission personal works. “It’s a nice problem to have,” she admits, “If keeping inventory is the biggest issue I have, then life is pretty okay!”

Visit Brenda Gaughan as she paints at her studio (Studio 306) in Castle Rock at 306 4th Street.               

303.902.4465 (Do call ahead—her hours are as abstract as her art!)