One of my favorite parts of being an editor is attending the photo shoots. This month’s issue provided some adventure as we worked with dogs! And although trying to persuade dogs to look on cue is challenging, our models, true to form, were as persevering and compliant as the loyal companions they’re famous for being. Given the company, the shoots were a bit more laid back—we cut loose a bit for some fun in the summer sun (or shade!) at Breckinridge Brewery.


That’s probably the mood a lot of us are in with summer drawing to a close. Maybe we’re a bit tired, but since we’re almost running on borrowed time anyway, why not let our hair down and go for it—whether it’s an adventure or an opportunity to chillax. Take a page from this month’s issue and try the Wildcat Figure Eight (p. __). If you need a little nudge to help you relax, indulge in a great summer rose wine (p. __) or take your dog to a local brewery—where else can you eat and drink with your best furry friend? (p. __). 

Whatever your angle, we hope the relaxing vibes of late summer will encourage you to do just one more fun or self-indulgent thing this month that you wouldn’t have done any other time of the year. 

Hang loose!


Jodi Michael Horner, Editor



ON THE COVER SiSi the Goldendoodle gives a wave at Grist Brewery in Highlands Ranch. See SiSi and other pooches in our Hot Spots feature, Pints and Pups.

PHOTO by Chayce Lanphear