Spelling It Out

Spelling bee scion Ankit Mukkamala buzzes about his favorite things

Newly minted high-school freshman Ankit Mukkamala has a way with words—or at the very least—spelling them correctly! He’s attended the district spelling bee three times and made it to State twice. We caught up with the busy teen and asked him to share with us some of his favorite things.

Favorite thing about living in Highlands Ranch area?

I’d have to say that my favorite thing about living in Highlands Ranch is how close everything is and the community. I really like being able to scooter around and be able to hang out with all my friends even if we don’t live very close.

What do you love about your family? 

I love how my family is very close and we all enjoy going out to eat and spending our weekends together. I’m the youngest—my older sister is 18—and I enjoy it because we went to the same school (STEM Academy).

What is your secret to being a great speller?

I practice before the competition every year but more importantly—I enjoy spelling!

Any pets?
I keep a lot of fish! I enjoy watching them and feeding them.

My goal is to become…
a doctor because I want to help people.


My favorite hobbies involve scootering around the neighborhood and occasionally Pokémon hunting.

Favorite movie and book?

My favorite movie is Finding Nemo, and my favorite book is Animal Farm.