As we assembled the stories for our July issue, one word that kept coming up was “gratitude.” A quick turn of the pages and it’s easy to see how blessed we are—all of us—to live in the area we do, with all its offerings and opportunities (take a quick pass over the Calendar of Events and Around Town to see more!)


Commemorating our nation’s birthday his month, we pay homage to the things that make our American lifestyle so wonderful. Check out Juicy Burgers & Dogs’ American cuisine on p. __, and take in the great American outdoors while keeping safety in mind (Expert Says p. __). We also tip our hat to the Hispanic influences in our culture with an ice-cold margarita recipe (Pass the Papaya! p.__), and we even step food outside our borders into France in Sweet Chamonix (p. __).


We hope you’re enjoying the best of mid-summer. It’s always over too soon, but in this moment, the summer is ours. And in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA, it’s about as good as it gets.





Jodi Michael Horner, Editor