Total Body Armageddon Workout

High intensity exercises constructed to pack on serious muscle, ignite fat, and develop a strong physique

Ian Travis is a personal trainer with the Highlands Ranch Community Association. He holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology/exercise science and has been immersed in the fitness industry for 10 years. Travis specializes in several areas, including military & first-responder readiness, sports training, weight-loss and muscle-gain management, and general full-body conditioning.

Total Body Armageddon Workout


5 sets of 15 repetitions

Overhead Shoulder Press

4 sets of 10-12 repetitions

Bent Over Barbell Rows

4 sets of 10 repetitions

Man Makers

5 sets x 8-10 repetitions

Push-Ups & Pull-Ups

3 sets until failure

Box Jumps

5 sets x 10-30 repetitions

Hanging Weighted Ab Crunches

4 sets of 15 repetitions