The Leading Man 11

You don’t have to look very far to find men in our community

Josh Weidmann

Josh Weidmann, an author of four books and Senior Pastor at Grace Chapel, chuckles as he says that sometimes church members still call him “little Joshie”—Grace is the church he attended as a child.

“I’m a writer called to a pastor’s life,” Weidmann says. He’s the father of four young children with another due in August.

“My best days are when I get to write,” he says, and you’ll find him doing so while drinking a good cup of coffee—he’s also an accomplished brewer and latte artist.

“It’s through my writing that I communicate God’s truth,” Weidmann says.

Weidmann’s books, Dad, If You Only Knew…: Eight Things Teens Want to Tell Their Fathers (but Don’t) and

Honest to God: Becoming Brutally Honest with a Gracious God are available through his website,


Brent D. Bailey, DDS

Fresh out of dental school, Brent D. Bailey, DDS, moved to Colorado thirty-four years ago with his bride, a U-haul and enough money for one month’s rent. In the years since, he’s built a successful practice, Colorado Precision Dentistry & Orthodontics, and raised two children.

“Foremost, dentistry is about people,” Bailey says. “Next, it’s about growing and mastering your skills to serve them even better.”

An avid skier, Bailey also enjoys outdoor photography and mountain biking. “I try to live my life with integrity, which builds trust. I want to be someone my family and patients can trust,” Bailey says.


Bob Ibison

Bob Ibison, a trained geologist, had recently started working for the federal government when he heard about a new opportunity involving telecommunications. Thus began his 31-year career with the U.S. Geological Survey as a Network Engineer.

“I lived the wild rise of the internet,” Ibison says.

Now retired, Ibison relishes time—and laughter—with his wife and two adult children. An avid long-distance hiker, this summer he’ll tackle the only section of the Pacific Crest Trail he’s yet to hike—Lake Tahoe to Canada.

“I love the peace, beauty and solitude of hiking,” he says. “Time slows down.”


Steve M. Berninzoni

Steve M. Berninzoni coached football for years and loved his role as a mentor. It motivated him to shift careers and become a Special Education teacher. Now in his tenth year of teaching at Highlands Ranch High School, he’s so grateful.

“Teaching is my passion. I do everything I can to ensure my students aren’t left behind,” Berninzoni says.

This desire prompts him to hire students at the company he owns, 5280 Community Waste Solutions. Berninzoni is also the father of four teenagers.

“If you do right by children, they will do right by the community as adults,” he says.


Brad Odice

Brad Odice, Language Arts teacher and Student Senate adviser at Highlands Ranch High School, credits his fourth grade teacher as the inspiration to pursue a career in teaching. Now in his thirteenth year, Odice has found his niche teaching creative writing.

“I like to draw stories out of my students. Stories that maybe they’re dying to tell or that are painful,” Odice says. He and his fiancé have a 10-year-old daughter with another due in October.

“If I were to dream about a legacy, it would be that I’ve helped my students and family tap into their passions,” Odice says.