Making it Look Easy

The five men arrived at Elk Ridge Park in Castle Pines one after the other on a warm and sunny May morning. We greeted and formally introduced ourselves, then got right down to the business at hand: a photoshoot for this month’s main feature.


During the course of the shoot, I found myself grappling with my utter lack of know-how in managing a group of just men—there’s apparently a trick to it—and serenading them with silly songs to get a smile for the camera isn’t one of them! Fortunately, the aforementioned men are June’s Movers + Shakers, and completely capable of making things happen, come what may.


Our June issue contains several articles to keep the men enthused, including our Hot Spot, which introduces an establishment that should go on every man’s bucket list, where they can get their hair trimmed and unwind with a good drink  (p. __). We provide the best food for local cave men in “Dude Food,” (p. __), and personal trainer Ian Travis lays out a man-making workout in “Total Body Armageddon Workout” (p. __). As a special bonus, we have featured our publisher, Brendan Harrington, and his son in Parting Thoughts—so don’t forget to check the last page!


To the men and fathers throughout our community, we celebrate you this month. And to my father—a Highlands Ranch man himself—a Happy Father’s Day.




Jodi Michael Horner, Editor


On the cover: Our June Movers + Shakers at Elk Ridge Park in Castle Pines

Photography: Frankie Spontelli