May is an amalgam to me: part spring, part summer, part beginning—with more social gatherings and weddings on the horizon, and part ending—with school careers and graduations to attend. Despite its inherent momentum, it’s also a month for a bit of reflection with Mother’s Day, our chance to celebrate our own mothers and the women who hold a place of significance in our lives. In the past, I’ve given a card to some of my mentors in addition to my own wonderful mother. It’s a perfect time to acknowledge the feminine bonds that nourish us throughout the year.

It’s also the perfect time to dedicate an entire issue to Ladies, starting with our “Movers + Shakers” feature, showcasing six local females who are fabulously working it (p.__). Our Open House is a study in what a woman’s touch can do to refresh a master bedroom in “Feminine Features” (p.__); meet a mother/daughter duo who strike the right chord in style in “Mother + Daughter Duet” (p.__), and discover “What Sixty Looks Like” in our Parting Thoughts (p.35).

As we photographed, interviewed and got to know the women featured in this month”s issue, we were reminded of the wonderful and unique ways women strive to make our community better with every day.

Here’s to the wonderful women in our lives,

Jodi Michael Horner, Editor

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