Hitting the road in good conscience

Whether it’s a jaunt downtown or a journey abroad, join the travel savvy elite by toting eco-friendly gear.

1. Allbirds Wool Footwear

This B-corporation uses significantly less energy to produce footwear from ZQ-certified merino wool and castor beans. 

Men’s, Women’s and Kids shoes available. 

Pictured: Women’s walking shoe, $95, Allbirds.com.

2. Vortex LED Dynamo Crank Flashlight

This flashlight runs on a rechargeable battery that’s hand-cranked—saving countless batteries from being tossed into landfill.

$30, Amazon.com.

3. WeWood Watches 

An eco-friendly, fashionable line of watches created from reclaimed and recyled wood and materials.

Pictured: Women’s “Date” watch in army, $130, We-Wood.com.

4. Rareform

This company takes vinyl billboards and repurposes the vinyl into a plethora of carrying devices. 

Pictured: Weekender Duffle, $64, Rareform.com.

5. Recover Brands

Clothing that’s made entirely out of recycled materials. 

Men’s, Women’s, Youth and Accessories available. 

Pictured: Women’s V-Neck Recover Sport Tee, $29, RecoverBrands.com.

6. Incase

Incase collections are made of an environmentally-friendly material, called Ecoya—eco-dyed yarn—which conserves the release of CO2 and COD compared to typical textile fabrication methods.

Pictured: EO Roller, $300, Incase.com.

7. WASARA Elegant Disposable Plates

Joanne Hudson carries a stylish line of biodegradable disposable dinner ware by WASARA.

Pictured: Coffee cup, $10 for a set of six, JoanneHudson.com.

8. Sustainable Dinnerware

Hand crafted from fallen palm leaves; no chemicals or binders, and fully compostable.

4.5″ Square Bowls – 8 oz, $15 (25 count), LeafWare.com.

9. The Environmental Toothbrush

This toothbrush is nearly 100% biodegradable with its bamboo handle, nylon bristles, cardboard box (there is a polypropylene inner wrapper).

The Environmental Toothbrush, $7, Amazon.com.