Wonderland Homes of Sterling Ranch raises the bar on smart, luxurious living

Readers of a certain age will remember watching the cartoon classic The Jetsons, which aptly predicted the advent of in-home technologies like personal robots, talking alarm clocks, flat screen TVs and personal tanning beds. 

But even the imaginative minds that brought us Rosie the Robot and flying cars couldn’t have predicted how technology would advance to make our homes more serene, convenient, safe and energy-efficient. 

Enter Wonderland Homes, whose forward-thinking design is at the nexus of style, convenience and environmental consciousness.  

The first neighborhood in Sterling Ranch, Littleton’s new urban-style, master-planned community located in northwest Douglas County, Wonderland Homes has partnered with technology powerhouse Siemens to build homes that are setting a new standard for smart, luxurious living.  

“Our web-based platform helps give homeowners peace of mind,” said Brock Smethills, Chief Technology Officer for Sterling Ranch. “They can learn about water leaks, turn off the main water valve and control their sprinklers. The technology also provides real-time water usage to eliminate guesswork in how much your bill will be each month.”

“I work in the technology field and it’s important for me to be connected,” says Wonderland Homes homeowner Matt Wulkan. “My home and this community allow me to do that.”

Walk into Wulkan’s home, and you’re immediately struck by the stylish, open-concept design, which includes a unique kids’ lair, spacious bedrooms, and two outdoor living rooms accessible though sliding glass doors, with fire pits and designed spaces for entertaining.  

But it’s what the home DOES that is the sweet spot. 

Picture this: 

Upon arriving home from work, you access the Steward app on your iPhone or Android, and select your customized “Welcome Home” scene, which disarms your security system, opens the blinds, turns on the lights, adjusts the thermostat, begins playing your favorite music and starts the fireplace. On warmer evenings, you can even touch a button to open sliding glass walls that turn your expansive living space into an indoor-outdoor oasis.

Additional settings for ambiance and convenience include “movie night, “bed time,” and more, but it’s the monitoring capability that have had environmentally conscious homeowners like Wulkan at “hello.” 

“According to the Energy Saving Trust, monitoring your energy will lead to a saving of 5-15% in the first year alone,” says Mike Davidson, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Wonderland Homes Corporation. 

“Our buyers expect us to push the envelope and make it easier for them to integrate their devices. The goal is to provide comfort to our homeowners while being mindful of the environment.”