Part necessity, part luxury, Creatives make the most of at-home work niches

Carrie Schafer, Original Hardware Owner and Artisan Jeweler

Original Hardware owner and jewelry designer 
Carrie Schafer has a production studio in her shop on Main Street, Littleton. But it’s in her work studio—the remodeled space of her tandem garage in Highlands Ranch—that she spends time designing, refining, and enjoying the company of her dog, Millie. “This is my happy place,” says Schafer.

At first glance, it’s elegant, but Schafer’s at-home design studio is where she can get into the heavier lifting of jewelry making. “This space enables me to do the dirty stuff that I can’t do in Littleton,” she says. 

Her work bench has all the accouterments of a professional jewelry crafter, including a small blow torch and mega-magnifying glass. But there, the burliness ends; a wall of custom cabinets and storage nooks surround her workbench, a sliding door with frosted glass leads to the actual garage, and French doors lead to the back yard. The floor is covered in a quasi-Oriental carpet pattern, and overhead hangs a feminine chandelier.

Although it’s where she works, Schafer hasn’t grown ambivalent to the soothing ambience of her home-shop. “I’m spoiled by this space,” she says.

Original Hardware

Address: 2550 W. Main Street, Littleton 80120

Phone: 720.476.7951



1.) Carpet: Reoriented in gray, by, $12 per square.

2.) Chandelier: Claire 9-arm Grande Chandelier, by, $499-$599.

3.) Chair: try the Veranda Slipper Accent Chair by Highlands Dunes,, $169.

4.) Paint: Shoji White and Worldy Grey by Sherwin Williams,, $24-$30 per gallon.

Stephanie Wilson Thomas, Ceramic Sculptor

When Stephanie Wilson Thomas ventured into the world of ceramic sculpting 25 years ago, she lived in Galveston, Texas and worked from an abandoned warehouse, sharing the space with fellow artists. But living in a suburbs of Southwest Denver changed everything. 

“It’s so much easier to be able to go into work, but there’s no affordable space,” she says, working her hands over a fresh roll of clay that will soon become a tree-of-life inspired candelabra. “I do love the convenience of working out here, and the light is really great.” The double-wide garage door is entirely paned with glass, allowing for an even northwest light to stream in all day without over-heating the space.

Wilson also appreciates being able to fire her kiln overnight, which she couldn’t do when sharing a work space away from home. “I don’t have to worry about it,” she says. But working from her well-equipped garage isn’t necessarily a bed of roses. “It’s a double-edged sword—there are a lot of distractions!”


Stephanie Thomas Art Studio

”Works in clay for home and garden”

Phone: 303.669.4576





(Breakout box)


Glass-paned garage door: try

Wire storage rack: try the six-tier chrome rack at, $99.