Expert Says with Real Estate Wiz Anne Barrington 1

What buyers want

Whether you’re buying, selling or remodeling, it’s important to know this year’s most desirable home features.  

Unique doors 

First impressions count, so make a statement with an amazing front door.

Large-plank wood floors

Bigger is better. Large-plank wood or wood-look floors make a space look large and are easier to clean.

Quartz Countertops

Granite will always be a staple, but if you’re given the choice, choose quartz.

Wallpaper is back 

Botanicals, marbles and grays are sophisticated and fresh.

Metal and stone sinks

Think trough and bucket sinks that are deeper and wider.

Bleached cabinets

Choose a light wood for kitchen cabinets, such as bamboo, birch or maple. 

Bold colors 

Red, hunter green and all shades of blue are in demand, from the bedroom to the kitchen.