We posed some questions to our contributors this month (nothing too heavy!) to give our readers a chance to get to know them. Read on to see how they responded.

ROBIN BOND Associate Publisher

I’m the oldest of two girls, but I’m a risk-taker/entrepreneur type which is usually associated with being the last-born. I grew up mostly in the Washington, D.C. area but have gotten to see much of the world as a filmmaker for most of my career. Something cool I own is an Emmy. Something you might not know: I made a movie about women’s roller derby featuring Juliette Lewis, and I’ve been fortunate to meet some of my biggest heroes, from Johnny Cash and the Dalai Lama to Olympic legends like Mary Lou Retton, Kerri Strug and the “Fierce Five”—the 2012 Women’s Olympic gymnastics team. Every story is an adventure! 


I have one sister—she is also my identical twin, and I have fraternal boy/girl twins. I lived my first 26 years in Minnesota but I never felt like a Minnesotan, that’s why I’m here! Besides writing and editing, I also work as an extra in commercials. I’m a temperament specialist and studied with the man who wrote the book on the subject (Please Understand Me), Dr. David Keirsey himself. Hobbies: my sister and I dork out analyzing people—we’re like Fraser and Niles Crane. Bucket list item: to travel the world with my husband and kids and to learn a second language fluently, probably Spanish.


Nickname: My old friends call me Rooster—my maiden name is Raemi Rue. I have one younger sister, and we are polar opposites. She majored in astrophysics. Me, fine arts. I got the type A personality along with the free spirit. In college I once lived in a tiny village in Italy, Gagliano Aterno, built in the 14th century; I was living in a non-operational monastery to study Italian culture and language. People would never guess: I love fixing old cars. I rebuilt a ’68 mustang from the inside out. Something unique that I own: a circa 1960 Danelectro guitar.


I am the youngest, and I do fit that stereotype, but think I only fell into the free spirit, risk-taker portion later in life. My friends say that I’m dependable and down for anything. The longest I’ve ever been away from Colorado is four months when I was living in London, and when I was there I was once within five feet of the Queen of England, though I never got to speak with her. Something unique that I own: a unicycle that I can’t ride, even after many years.


Exotic places I’ve lived—does San Fransisco count? When I worked at Entertainment Weekly I met many celebrities including: Harrison Ford, Charlize Theron, Ryan Gosling, Olivia Munn, Chris Hemsworth, Steven Spielberg, Seth Rogen, and some cast members from Game of Thrones. In my previous life I was probably a mad scientist or inventor; in my next life I’ll probably be an intergalactic astronaut. Something unusual I own: two Ball Python snakes named Odin and Freya. Bucket list items: travel internationally, meet and chat with Elon Musk, and deep sea diving and exploration.


Nickname: Gipsy. My older sister gave that to me many years back, I think because I’m obsessed with jewelry and shiny things. I lived the first nine-and-a-half years of my life in Russia. My friends say that I’m crafty, and that I’m too giving when it comes to my photography. In my family I am one of seven siblings; I am the fifth one down and I am definitely the peacemaker. In my previous life I was probably some sort of fish; I’m all about the water. Bucket list items: to see the northern lights, hike the Havasu Falls, and get a little property somewhere on the Caribbean. 

DEREK JOHNSON Photographer

I’m an only child, though most people don’t believe me when they hear it because I’m easy going and not self-centered. I’ve been on set with several celebrities: Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, the TV series Top Chef, and many professional athletes whom I admire. Something cool that I own is a customized seat from Coors Field with my name on it. When they removed 300-plus seats to install the Rooftop bar, they gave a ton of the seats to employees and people who worked with them. My bucket list: visit each continent, visit each MLB ballpark, remain fit for life, and marry my best friend.