Reuse & Rejoice! 5

Let there be Lights

There’s no shortage of Do-It-Yourself ideas online these days, and after seeing these dressed-up bulbs on display, we decided to try this holiday project for ourselves. With its simplicity and sparkly appeal, the hardest part of this craft will be deciding whether or not to let the kids help out!


-You will want a surface that can handle a mess–this is glitter, after all!

-Set up small bowls or cups to catch glitter and re-dip bulbs if necessary.


-If you are going to hang the bulbs, we found it a bit easier to get the “loop” on prior to getting the bulb covered in glitter. Using crafting wire, circle it tightly around the base of the bulb a few times, create a small loop, then circle the wire around the loop some more time to secure it.


-Apply a thick but even coat of Mod Podge over the bulb, then sprinkle the glitter over a bowl. Dip it into the glitter to cover any bare spots. If needed, apply touches of Mod Podge on bare spots and add more glitter. 

-Dry the bulbs either hanging or on the side. 

-Optional: Enhance them with snowflake stickers, glitter glue, or edging once the glitter has dried.

DISPLAY your creations in a vase or bowl, or hang them from a tree or chandelier!