A Show of Tradition 1

Connecting the generations

It’s finally here–the biggest, baddest, reddest, greenest, sparkliest holiday of all!

If you aren’t doing a tinsel-confetti happy dance right now, maybe the holidays have meant for you some extra spending, extra stress, extra sweets (and pounds), extra-long lines–excess.

So, Grinch, it’s time for a reframe.

The best way to cultivate the spirit of the season is by participating in–or starting–a holiday tradition that connects entire the family. Christmas and holiday traditions honor your family, enhance time spent with loved ones, and help us find joy and meaning as the year draws to a close.

  1. 1. BAKE WITH LOVE. Baking season officially started in October, so maybe you’re already in full swing. If not, it’s time to get out the cookie sheets and get to work!  You might surprise your neighbors and your children’s teachers, or ship care packages to family far away. The whole family can participate, and you can do your baking during the Broncos games! 
  2. 2. TAKE AN AMAZING FAMILY PHOTO. Capture a moment in time, not just so you’ll have fabulous Christmas cards, but because during the activity of the year, all the photos you likely took were selfies, candids, and school photos. And–if you have more than one kid plus a pet–there is very little chance that all of you were looking at the camera. Plus, you’ll enjoy comparing this year’s photo to previous years.
  3. 3. NEW PJs FOR EVERYONE. Frivolous? Maybe. But who doesn’t love cozying up in brand new holiday PJs to watch Christmas movies during winter break, or snuggling with your sweetie by the tree? Coordinating PJs means gift-opening photos are more likely to be frame-worthy, and bonus points for matching or making your own PJs!
  4. 4. VOLUNTEER AND DONATE. Pick from a gift-giving tree, volunteer with your church or contribute to a favorite charity. Visit someone lonely, participate in a Secret Santa exchange or plant a tree to offset all those being chopped down. Do what you can to ensure others will have magical holiday moments, too. For the little ones, ask them to help you pick a gift they want, wrap it together and give it away. It will be a gentle lesson in how good it feels to give.
  5. 5. REVIVE A CHILDHOOD TRADITION. By sharing it with children or friends–whether it’s traditional baking from an old family recipe or something small like buying your children a special ornament each year–the tradition will strengthen your family bond and build a bridge between the generations.