Tasting La Vida Local 6

Sipping at Jake’s Brew Bar

…For amber waves of grain…

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that this lyric from Katherine Lee Bates’  “America the Beautiful” was penned in Colorado; here we are, 134 years later, and those amber waves have lent themselves to the local beer crafting, testing and connoisseur-ing that has become a legitimate Colorado past time. Our state ranks second as the state with the most breweries, and that makes local beer-tasting especially fun, if not convenient.

Enter Jake’s Brew Bar on Main Street in Littleton, which keeps a constantly rotating selection of 36 Colorado craft beers and ciders on tap. On a recent autumn afternoon, our humble team of four taste-testers convenes at Jake’s. Opting to sit in the courtyard behind the bar and enjoy some of the fading warm fall weather, we sample four distinct craft beers and a cider that bar owner Vanessa Menke has chosen for our sampling session. The experience is entertaining, educational, and reminds us that to each their own craft.

Find Jake’s at 2530 West Main Street in Littleton, 303.996.1006.