T is for Table, G is for Gathering 1

Holiday tablescapes that escape the ordinary

Ah, the holidays. We’re in the throes of anticipating, strategizing, shopping, cooking, photographing, posting, tagging, celebrating and more. Gotta love the delicious distraction of the holidays, but before the six-week red, green, and sparkle extravaganza of Christmas/New Year’s Days/Eves, there’s an understated yet meaningful little holiday called Thanksgiving to celebrate.

Thanksgiving is different. At the heart of the holiday is gathering. It’s the pause and deep breaths amidst a whirlwind of glitter.

While blessings are the reason, and food is the star, presentation sets the tone for this time-honored tradition. And there’s nothing that makes a delicious spread more inviting than a fabulous table.

The details of such a table: the table itself, the linens, dinnerware, flatware, serveware, barware, accents, etc., are collectively called the tablescape. Successful tablescapes are balanced, harmonious, personal, captivating, appropriate for the meal, tailored for the guests, multi-dimensional, tactile, and of course beautiful. It all sounds so complex, but a stunning Thanksgiving table can come together quite easily with a little bit of vision. And Thanksgiving warrants the extra effort.

Borrow from these four tables to inspire your own. Each tells its own story.

Golden Glimmer

The holidays are sparkly by design. This Thanksgiving, you can’t go wrong with gold. It’s elegant and opulent, versatile and luxe. Make a statement by mixing and matching dinnerware with different patterns. Don’t be afraid of formality. And don’t be afraid to layer it on. It’s a celebration after all. How will you know when you’ve gone too far? Like Coco Channel said, “before leaving the (table), a (host) should take another look and remove one accessory”. Later, adding coordinating nutcrackers or ornaments can effortlessly take this luminous table from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Familiar Farmhouse

Nothing says farmhouse style quite like Joanna and Chip Gaines’ muted neutrals and ease. It’s unfussy and classic. Welcoming and comforting. Interesting but simple, filled with accessible details. Think reclaimed wood and single flowers in a rustic vase. And absolutely don’t forget homemade or custom linens that feel vintage, hand-me-down, and/or like a special family heirloom. The olive branches are a nice, if metaphorical, touch too, especially on Thanksgiving.

Modern Marble

This tablescape is for the modern home, with a clean white kitchen and state-of-the art appliances. It’s glass, black and white, and almost masculine. Think bold lines, contemporary elements, and the opposite of cozy. It’s still layered, but edited, curated even, for a minimalist effect. The dinnerware is flawless, a replica of Carrara marble, from the Prouna line called Villa Bianca.

Whimsical Woodland

We saved the best for last. If you are looking for a new Colorado classic, try whimsical woodland. It’s a delightful mix of wood, rustic, nature, patterns, animal imagery, and surprises, like leaves, owls, and turkeys. Think contrasting layers, distinct textures and weights, soft floaty feathers and heavy ornate pewter from the handcrafted Arte Italica line. The water/wine glasses on this table are not to be missed either.

All of these items are available for purchase at the serene and stunning T is for Table at the Streets of Southglenn. Ask for the stylish knowledgeable owner Laura Tarket-Johnson. She knows the ins and outs of more than 50 brands and can assist with styling, customizing, monogramming, registries and more. TisForTable.com.