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things are coming up roses (or poppies)…

When artist Julie Janney takes her brush to acrylic paint and works it on the canvas, she finally feels free. “I’m a perfectionist by nature,” Janney says. “I pressure myself to be perfect. But when I paint I can let it all go and just work with the acrylic and get in the zone.”

Although she has traveled the country as the wife of an Air Force pilot, her subjects are “true to my youth” in Colorado, she says, full of poppies, wild flowers, and aspens, she describes her style as “impressionist meets abstract…

“My acrylic color palette is bold, bright and demands attention. Color carries some of the emotion in my art, but the use of a palette knife really helps me release my thoughts, letting go.”

Besides the release from perfectionism, Janney’s personality infuses her alluring stills. “I really like pretty things; I like to wear make-up and I like to wear pretty colors, my house is vibrantly decorated,” she explains. “I am attracted to things that are happy and pretty.”

Janney earned a fine arts degree with an emphasis in graphic design “so that I would be employable,” she says, “and I really like being around people. I didn’t think I had the personality to be in a studio by myself.”

She had found some early success in the field when her first child was born, thus ending her graphic design career—but not her life as an artist, where the two intermingle. “When you look at my art you’ll see a lot of broken down elements, which comes from my graphic design training,” notes Janney.

Her color pallet has changed over the past eight years with life’s evolutions. “When we were in Tuscan and my husband was being deployed to Afghanistan, there was more black in my pallet,” Janney recalls. “When we moved here, it was happier. We were done with the military and he was happy—I started to brighten up with more bright, bold colors,” she reflects.

“I literally stop to smell the roses and take pictures when I’m walking my dog.”

Janney’s career as an artist continues to blossom, with stateside showings and art on display internationally, so it would seem there will be many more flowers to smell for some time to come.

To view or purchase Julie Janney’s art, visit:

Facebook and instagram at JulesArtDesigns

Outnumbered Gallery in Littleton on Prince St.