Aging Gracefully

with Dr. Katia Meier

What’s your philosophy about looking and feeling good as we age?

It’s easier to look beautiful when you’re in good health. Optimizing health means optimizing appearance.

Case in point, if your hormones aren’t balanced, you have a lack of estrogen or you have too much testosterone, you could experience unwanted hair growth, pimples or lack of collagen in your face.

Is your TSH (thyroid) within the healthy range? We know thyroid issues can cause a host of physical and aesthetic problems, from dry skin and hair loss to difficulty losing weight.

The answers – and true healing – come with understanding the underlying cause.

What are the most common aging issues you hear about?

Unwanted weight gain, and loss of hormones and its consequences.

On the aesthetic side, I hear a lot of complaints about loss of collagen and the sagging skin that can result.

What are some of the ways you diagnose and treat these issues?

Depending on the aging issue you’re concerned about, we take a look at lifestyle, hormone and nutrition status, thyroid condition, etc. A lot plays into the picture of perfect health. Usually there’s a a reason for a medical issue. When we find it, we can treat it.

Regarding the top aesthetic issues we hear about, we treat hormone imbalances with bio-identical hormones, and we have several effective medical options for weight loss.

We can also help keep collagen in the skin. We offer collagen simulation through a number of treatments, from Ulthera and Radiesse to RF micro-needling and CO2 fractional skin resurfacing. And we can help improve the appearance of pigmented lesions with photofacials, peels and professional skin care.

What about plastic surgery?

You do not have to go under the knife if you start early enough! There are so many low-risk, no downtime options, from restorative skin treatments to specialized anti-aging treatments, that can help turn back the clock one minute at a time. Plus, non-surgical treatments generally provide the most natural look.

Dr. Meier is board certified in Family Medicine with Obstetrics, educated in naturopathic medicine, and board certified in anti-aging medicine, which is about reversing and preventing disease and the restoration of health and beauty.