Pup Crawl 54

Where to kick back with your bestie

Nobody knows your dog like you do. Is he/she of the hyper ilk that like to get up in other dogs, er, grills? Or is Max/Bella the well-socialized type who can chill happily, basking in your glow as you sip on a beer? If it’s the former you may want to leave puppy at home. But if it’s the latter, Max and Bella might be ready for primetime: socializing, slurping plenty of ice-cold water or just dozing under your chair. (Helpful tip from the pros: Tie your dog’s leash to a chair, not a table.)

If you’re one who likes to bring Fido everywhere, you’re in luck — we’ve rounded up the most dog-friendly breweries around town. (Note: all our picks have tasty food-truck offerings.)

1. 3 Freaks Brewery

Named after the three kids of owner Jeff and his wife Suzanne, 3 Freaks celebrates the unique and the rare. A self-proclaimed nano-brewery, 3 Freaks specializes in small-batch brewing, 2.5 barrel quantities at a time. (1 barrel of beer = 31 gallons.) Located at E. County Line Road and Quebec in Highlands Ranch.

TRY: Brad Pitt-Less Watermelon Blonde

STAY FOR:  “THE BEST” open-mic night in town, 6 PM on the first Saturday of the month.


2.  38 State Brewing

Tucked quietly next to a strip mall on Broadway just north of C-470, 38 States just feels fun. Named for Colorado’s position as the 38th state to join the union, the brewery has a food truck open at all times.

TRY: 38 State IPA

STAY FOR:  Chocolate Bourbon Stout, AKA “dessert in a bottle.” (You can get it to go as well!)


3. Grist Brewing Company

Opened since 2013, Grist brews classic styles for craft-beer newbies while regularly experimenting with Belgians, spiced stouts and barrel aging. One of the largest of the pup-happy breweries we visited, this place was rocking early on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

TRY: Tartanium Berliner Weisse

STAY FOR: Beautiful views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range


4. Resolute Brewing Company

Bright, modern and fun with a large, open garage door. Named Resolute after the four owners failed to agree on a name, “resolute” is the mindset and the vibe, both inside and out (and therefore one of my personal favorites!). Located in Centennial, on Yosemite near Dry Creek.

TRY:  Resolute Hefeweizen

STAY FOR: Cool atmosphere + food trucks every night


5. St. Patrick’s Brewing Company

Considered a nano-brewery yet 
located in a 5,300-square-foot building, St. Patrick’s boasts an 80-person taproom, beer garden and a patio out front. Fun, with lots of cool spaces to hang out. Located just west of downtown Littleton on the South Platte River, St. Patrick’s brews ales, lagers, hybrids and “everything in between.”

TRY: Peach Mango Blonde

STAY FOR: Games, events and live music every Friday.