A Triad of Wellness 2

Peace, Love and Pampering with Massage Green Spa

With the holidays long behind me and spring staring me in the face, it was time to rejuvenate. I’d enjoyed massages and facials in the past, but I wanted something more; I wanted to recapture a sense of wellness.

A few hours at the Highlands Ranch Massage Green Spa sounded like the perfect ticket. I had never been there, but through the grapevine, I had heard they provided a triad of services that complemented one another.

I scheduled myself for a European spa facial, a therapeutic massage, and an infrared sauna session.

My appointment began with a hydrating facial. Lying on the heated table, I welcomed each mysterious substance slathered onto my face—some were cool, some creamy, some tingly. My aesthetician explained the purpose of each treatment as it was applied. The star of the facial was a wonderful-smelling raspberry and peach enzyme treatment, a deep exfoliator with anti-aging elements created to soften skin and reduce inflammation. I checked the mirror when we were done: my face felt clean, and my skin looked more even-toned and alive!

The massage was nestled between the facial and infrared treatment. A warm-up Swedish massage laid the foundation for deep-tissue work by my myotherapist—that’s professional-speak for “massage therapist.” Since it had been too long since my last massage, my tight muscles at first berated, then thanked me for the therapeutic workout.

Up next: the infrared sauna therapy. Its wonders began with solitary me time inside the cedar booth. I took advantage of the iPad on the wall (equipped with wifi) and cool water while waves of short, mid and far infrared emitted from the heaters. It felt like a warm spring day — except this spring day provided therapeutic anti-aging, detoxifying, and pain-relieving benefits! I melted into the open road of time to simply read and relax.

By the end of my appointment at Massage Green Spa, I was patting myself on the back for taking the break to gain the wellness I sought. The world now seemed more manageable and uncluttered. It was easily the best decision I’d made for myself in a long time!