February 2017 Lifestyle Letter

How would you like your 
arts and culture?

Welcome to February in the Ranch, a month of love, romance and Arts & Culture!

While your special someone might be the same year after year, the thriving Arts & Culture scene in and around Highlands Ranch is definitely “mixing it up.” The Lifestyle team had so much fun exploring the thriving cultural scene around town, and we were struck by the shear diversity of offerings.

For sweeping your sweetie off his or her feet this Valentine’s, check out the out-of-the-box gifts in our feature story “Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts” (pg. 16), or you might opt for the inspiring objets d’art from the ladies of the South Suburban Artists Collective (pg. 22).

And romantic date ideas abound! From editor Dana Lapinel’s surprisingly serene adventures in dog-sledding to our team’s interview with skilled calligrapher Hannah Howard who’s helping to resurrect the lost art of handwriting (to write, pg. 14), you’ll find there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to celebrating the month of love.  Let’s go, February!


Robin Bond, Publication Director

On the Cover

Clay sculptor and South Suburban Artist Collective founder, Stephanie Wilson Thomas.

Photography by Raemi Vermiglio