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Crafted by Hand

If you can’t find the perfect table to fit into that awkward corner of your living room or the bookshelf you’ve been dreaming of to organize your library, The Whistling Duck Furniture, with locations in Highlands Ranch and downtown Denver, is the place to go. Their slogan, “Crafted by Hand – Crafted for Friends,” perfectly encapsulates their mission – to create sustainably made furniture that has been designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of their clients.

According to Bill Walker, owner and co-founder of Whistling Duck Furniture, 95% of the furniture Whistling Duck sells has been custom-made to meet their clients’ needs. The company thrives on designing furniture that is unique to the decor of their customers’ homes, and, as a result, purchasing a custom-made piece from Whistling Duck is purchasing a one-of-a-kind object that has been crafted specifically for the people who will be using it.

In addition to striving to create a company that produces incredibly personalized pieces of furniture, Whistling Duck was founded with the goal of environmental sustainability. While environmental stewardship is an afterthought in most business plans, it was one of Walker’s primary goals from the company’s start. Whistling Duck Furniture currently sources wood for their products primarily from beetle kill trees and reclaimed urban wood, and has even gone as far as to consider the environmental impacts of the cleaning products used to process their lumber.

The company purchases its beetle kill wood directly from several sawmills in Summit County, one of the many places in Colorado where mountain pine beetles have posed a serious ecological threat. When trees killed by the mountain pine beetle are left in the forest to decompose, they dramatically increase the chances of wildfires. Because of this, measures are being taken to remove the dead trees and either compost them, or sell them to interested companies. Whistling Duck is one of these innovative companies and, in purchasing beetle kill wood, is helping to ensure that less trees are cut down specifically for the furniture making process.

Additionally, Whistling Duck Furniture also purchases reclaimed urban wood from “hazard trees” – trees that have been removed because of a structural threat such as power line damage or infrastructure integrity.

In both the care they take in creating individually crafted pieces of furniture, and the thoroughness they employ to ensure their products are made as responsibly as possible, Whistling Duck Furniture has shown that it is still possible to create items crafted with thoughtfulness and compassion.