I Can See Clearly Now 1

Imagine the freedom of going throughout your day without needing glasses or contact lenses, without laser surgery. An innovative and remarkable specialty contact lens can correct your vision while you sleep. The technology, known as Ortho-Eyes at HD Eye Care, is succinctly described as “contact lens retainers” by Dr. Lawrence Jacobs, the founder and owner of HD Eye Care.

Established in 1993, located off of Quebec Street in Highlands Ranch, the practice prides itself in the personal touch you find in independently owned businesses while still having the latest in cutting-edge technology to take care of your family’s eyes.

Ortho-Eyes, also known as Corneal Refractive Therapy, are custom designed contact lenses that function similar to retainers for your teeth. Ortho-Eyes are worn at night while you sleep and literally reshape your cornea to reduce or eliminate your need for daytime glasses and contact lenses to see in the distance.  They are an excellent alternative to surgery, wearing glasses or traditional contact lenses.  For people that enjoy sports, the outdoors and hiking 14ers (like Dr. Jacobs) they give freedom from glasses and no hassles in dusty, dirty settings as regular contact lenses sometimes do.  Additionally, studies show and HD Eye Care patients confirm that Ortho-eyes lenses reduce or stop the rate of deterioration of your vision when worn nightly. This has particular appeal for children and teens whose vision typically worsens as they grow.

HD Eye Care also offers complete eye care for patients of all ages and a wide variety of designer frames. One of the things Dr. Jacobs is most proud of is the personal touch patients experience during their visit. Many of the staff are familiar faces to patients because they have been with his office for many years- a fact that speaks to the family and community values of HD Eye Care.

The practice’s success is a well-blended combination of the latest in technology and the staff’s desire to develop genuine relationships with their patients. They have tremendous pride in taking care of their patients and as Dr. Jacobs says, “We enjoy getting to know people who enjoy getting to know us.”