Greenwood Cabinets & Stone

Current but Timeless Renovations

Greenwood Cabinets and Stone, off of Broadway in Littleton, specializes in helping people improve their homes in a way that is both current and timeless.

The store was founded and is still owned by Neil Maday. Originally from Detroit, Maday’s father owned a kitchen and bathroom design company which Maday began working for after graduating from college. After Detroit’s decline in the automobile manufacturing industry during the 1970’s and 1980’s, Maday moved to Colorado where he continued to work in the home design industry.

Fast-forward to 2009 and Greenwood Cabinets was born — right in the middle of the U.S housing crisis. With a shortage of new homes being built, the team decided to focus on remodeling old homes. With four designers with 15 to 20 years of experience each, the company is more than equipped with the knowledge and creativity to beautifully transform a home. While the designers enjoy working on anything, the company especially loves a challenge, explains Maday. “The more hopeless the space appears, the more eager we are to redesign it.”

Driven by a desire to create spaces their clients will treasure for years to come, the Greenwood Cabinets team is always open to clients’ ideas and prides itself on openness of communication. While many home design companies begin the conversation with asking about budget, the designers at Greenwood Cabinets and Stone aim to create an environment that is approachable and enjoyable. “That’s what I’m proud of the most,” says Maday. “That for an upscale showroom, we are approachable, yet professional, from design to installation.”