Cozy Fall Picnics 6

Basking in the 
Autumnal Glow

Once upon a time, the word “picnic” conjured visions of hot summer days, cold sandwiches and bugs. But with Colorado’s most brilliant season upon us, we’re celebrating autumn picnics with the most perfect sun of the year, leaves bursting with color and the alluring combination of plaid, wicker and wine.

Whether your perfect picnic is a family affair with kids traipsing across the scenic landscapes or a romantic date-afternoon with your person, the cool, clear days of October are a splendid time to find your favorite picnic spot. Check out our “Prime Picnic Spots” to choose yours.

And don’t forget the blankets, candles and flowers!

Picnic basket, napkins and table cloths provided by locals’ favorite gourmet and gift shop Compleat Gourmet (located at 7592. S. University in Centennial /