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Fall’s the Perfect Time to Hit Reset on Your Hair & Skin Routine

New Season, New Routine

When the season changes, so should your hair and skin regimen.

“Just like you switch up your wardrobe [with] the seasons, you should also be rotating your products to protect your complexion against the elements,” says beauty writer Marianne Mychaskiw.

To jumpstart your new skincare regimen, check out Aveda’s newest product line, Tulasara, which means “moving towards balance” in Sanskrit.

Hair Affair: Cheat on your Hairstylist and Feel Good About it

We’ve all been there. Your roots/bangs/layers are growing out, you’ve got an important event, and your stylist is on vacation/too far away/MIA. Your options? (1) A perma-ponytail; (2) a perma-hat; (3) a do-it-yourself job; or (4) a new/unknown stylist. Each of these paths are fraught with peril, but Option 4 is the most likely to leave us feeling guilty, with some ‘splaining to do to our stylist. La Tierra Salon and Day Spa in Highlands Ranch Town Center is changing all that, and it’s not just about hair.

La Tierra takes a team approach to guest service that allows guests to move freely among more than 20 hair stylists and spa specialists to suit time and budget needs. “Of course we have many guests who prefer a particular stylist or spa specialist,” says Kelly Wharry, who owns the national award-winning salon with her husband, Walt. “But we also have guests who move around between stylists, and the whole team encourages it.” More than half of la Tierra’s team members have been with the salon at least eight of its 11 years in business (a stark contrast to many Denver-area salons), and management provides ongoing, high-level education to the whole team, says Wharry, “so you’re guaranteed a skilled, high-quality stylist who’s on trend, and spa specialists who are trained in the most current treatments and products.”

Top 5 Reasons to Visit La Tierra

#1 Complimentary head and hand massage during your haircut

#2 A foot bath “teaser” before your massage or facial

#3 Peaceful, private rooms for spa and nail treatments

#4 The closest and only Aveda retail salon in Highlands Ranch

#5 High-end total hair and body services without the long drive to the city

La Tierra has been named a national, award-winning salon five years running by Salon Today Magazine. Visit to book your appointment today. 

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