Dog Days Ahead

“Dog Days of Summer” is our theme this month, and — big surprise to me — the term itself doesn’t have anything to do with dogs lying around in the heat, too stifled to move. It does refer to this increasingly hot spell between July and late August, but the ancient Greeks called them the “Dog Days” because they coincide with the rise of Sirius, known as the “Dog Star” in the constellation Canis Major (Large Dog). Sirius also happens to be the brightest star in the night sky, which seems even more fitting since, for many of us, our dogs really are the “stars” of our family. And this month they’re the stars of our magazine. (I much prefer the image of a bright, dog-shaped star to that of my beloved pups lying motionless from sheer discomfort.)

To celebrate all things dog (sorry, cats), we visited the Buddy Center in Castle Rock to photograph its adorable residents, put together a “Top 10” list to help you choose the perfect first (or second) dog for your family and added a round-up of dog-friendly hikes. We had to share the spotlight with humans, too, so we got out on the water for a first-hand look at the local paddle boarding scene in Surf’s Up Colorado. And Good Works this month comes from a Highlands Ranch mom and daughter who decided to DO something about ‘tween bullying — particularly good timing as August in the ‘burbs can also mean back-to-school for the kiddos. For now, however, the heat is on and the most care-free season is in full swing. So get out there with YOUR four-legged besties and squeeze every beautiful drop out of our Colorado summer!