The Man-azine

June has long been devoted to dudes—it’s National Men’s Health Month, it’s open season for mountain men, and, of course, it houses that all-important holiday for dads. So, we decided to make our June issue a bit more testosterone-tinged than usual. My biggest surprise? It’s not that different.

We took our usual topics—food, drink, outdoor activities and interesting locals—and put a masculine slant on them. I didn’t anticipate being all that interested in this month’s pages, being a non-man and all, but it turns out that the topics I stereotypically pegged as being ‘male’ hold a whole lot of female appeal as well. Take the Camping Survival Guide with Children story by Erica Boniface, for example. I, like everyone else I know with kids, have a camping horror story of my own. Some tips on how to make that summer pilgrimage to the mountains less hellish and more fun? Yes, please.

Or the Dude Food photo spread. I may not be a dude, but I can look at pictures of food for hours. (Literally. It’s a problem.) And then, thank goodness, there’s a story about running to help motivate us to burn off those barbecue and brew calories.

Another perfect fit for this man-azine issue is the Day in the Life profile of Aaron Wallace, the young force behind Schomp Automotive. You probably know Lisa Schomp from the commercials; a pioneer for women in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Aaron is her son, and he brings a new approach—and look—to the family business.

The issue may have been designed with men in mind, but with gender roles being increasingly fluid and cliches becoming increasingly, well, cliche, I think we’ve got everyone covered.