A Few of My Favorite Things - Couture Wedding Edition

Who: Angie Jehu

What: Owner of Couture Videos, custom movies created from existing photos and/or video

Where: Lone Tree; 

  1. No-More-Cookie-Cutter Bridesmaid Dresses. “For best results, use a cohesive color scheme, but let your girls choose their dresses in varying styles and lengths.”
  2. Outdoor Venues. “Gorgeous views and vibrant color will make any wedding unique and unforgettable.”
  3. Nature-Inspired Reception Décor. “I love how warm and inviting this casual-chic centerpiece feels.”
  4. Unfussy Bouquets. “Cascading is always simple and elegant.”
  5. Fiji/Turtle Island Honeymoon. “You can even have a champagne picnic on your own private beach!”
  6. One-of-a-Kind Wedding Videos. “Couples spend hours trying to find the perfect photographer and videographer. However, finding the perfect company to combine ALL the photos and video into a beautiful, tailor-made movie to be shared for generations is equally important.”
  7. Lace Wedding Gowns. “Loving this Carolina Herrera halter dress.”
  8. Pearl and Diamond Jewelry. “These earrings by Edera are so classic and beautiful.”