Welcome Home 1

“Where are you from?” isn’t an easy question for me. Since I was born on the East Coast, raised in South Dakota, moved to Minnesota for journalism school—where my family now resides—and started my career in New York City, I like to think I was sculpted from each of these places before arriving in Denver last summer.

I’d much rather answer, “Where do you call home?” It’s simple: Colorado. I welcome the laid-back romance of the West after fleeing the hurried and harried sky-scraping life of The Big Apple. Not to mention the mountains are in my backyard.

So, where do you call home?

If you say Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, or Lone Tree, you’re in luck! In case you missed it, print is still alive and thriving, and we’d like to thank you for welcoming Highlands Ranch Lifestyle into your neighborhood. And, there’s nothing quite like the tangible feel of paper in your hands; I savor it after a day spent staring at screens.

Home decor inspired the theme for our inaugural issue; we understand the value of loving where you live. The current mid-century modern trends splashing design catalogs influenced our colorful cover shoot at Larrabee’s Furniture + Design and the values of living more with less as a minimalist could be a realistic way to kick-start your spring cleaning. You’ll find these home ideas (and more!) within our pages this month.

Looking ahead, we have an exciting year planned to serve as your community bulletin board. Plus, we’re growing! So if you have questions, comments, tips or just want to say hello, please reach out.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Katie Askew