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Pierre Michel Bakery Delights with French Cuisine

There are not many things that can rival the aroma that escapes a just-out-of-the-oven croissant when you break it apart and get ready to take that first bite. Make that croissant a product of the Pierre Michel Bakery in Highlands Ranch and you won’t be able to wait a second longer before digging in. Steeped in the tradition of high quality, handmade French cuisine, Pierre Michel Bakery is a warm, inviting treasure that offers delicious, authentic cuisine and a warm sense of welcome and community through its doors.

Pierre Michel Bakery was founded by husband and wife team Eric and Isabelle Vivier, who moved from Lyon, France with their family in 2008. Following a trip to Colorado the family unanimously voted that this was the place they wanted to settle and, after arriving in July 2008, the Viviers almost immediately began working on remodeling a space for their bakery concept. With the goal of cooking uniquely French and organic breakfast and lunch dishes from scratch every day, Pierre Michel (named after Eric and Isabelle’s fathers, respectively) is a bakery meant to inspire health and the enjoyment of homemade French dishes.

For Isabelle, the roots of Pierre Michel Bakery can be traced back to the mid-twentieth century.

“We are baking and cooking as if it was the 1950s after the second world war in Europe,” says Isabelle.

After the war, the women and wives of Lyon, Isabelle’s hometown, often organized large buffet-style meals to feed their husbands who were working to rebuild the country. Some of these women eventually created their own café in Lyon and became Isabelle’s inspiration not just for their incredible baking and cooking skills, but also for their entrepreneurial business savvy. It’s this “homestyle cooking on a bigger scale” that Isabelle hopes to continue fostering and see thrive at Pierre Michel Bakery.

This philosophy of supporting the local community is also a priority for the couple. In the midst of the recession from 2008 through 2010, the bakery continued to be a welcoming place where locals could take comfort in something as simple as a warm croissant. The community in turn supported Pierre Michel, helping the bakery grow by word of mouth and gain a reputation as a unique and special breakfast and lunch destination.

Pierre Michel Bakery moved to their new location in Highlands Ranch in December 2013. Today, the bakery sells mouthwatering breakfast dishes such as Brouillade, a French-style egg scramble, quiche, pastries, sandwiches, and more. Whether you’d prefer to dine at the bakery or pick up soup or a sandwich to go, Pierre Michel’s products continue to rise above the competition in their authenticity and enormously savory qualities.

In the future, Isabelle hopes to see a continued emphasis on the bakery’s to-go and lunch items. The bakery is also developing a brunch menu and expanding their weekend hours to continue serving and enriching their local customers. Stop by this true family-owned business and immerse yourself in the tradition and care taken to create each and every dish on the menu.