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Air plants are the “it” plants these days and perfectly complement modern aesthetics. Michele Hanley, owner of Mile High Urban Farming, is an expert in vertical gardens and showed us how to create living décor for the home.

terrarium | təˈrerēəm | noun

  • a sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown.

Air Plants

Tillandsia Bulbosa Belize

Tillandsia Ionian


There are more than 700 varieties

Care, Light and Temperature: 
Air plants need indirect sunlight and warm temperatures, as they are native to the Southern US, and Central and South America. Air plants thrive at temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees F, so here in Colorado, keep them indoors.

Care, water:  
Air plants love humidity, which means they do need watering.  Filtered water is best, as chemicals in tap water can stress them out. I recommend that clients spritz them three times a week, or soak them upside down in water for two hours once a week. Bathrooms are a great location for air plants, as they will get a humid environment from the shower steam.

Care food:  
They can be spritzed with an indoor plant food once a month. I recommend following the instructions on 
the packaging.

DIY components: 
Air plants require no soil and can be arranged in a variety of mediums, such as shells, sand, driftwood, ferns or stones.